Some small business owners have customers clamouring to get in the doors, but for most, working at lead generation is an important factor in success. Sadly, you will often find that this process is not as simple or affordable as one would hope. By paying attention to proven lead generation techniques, though, the process does not have to be difficult. By implementing the following strategies, in fact, you could start getting affordable leads immediately.

Pony Up the Cash and Purchase Leads

Not everyone agrees with the tactic of purchasing leads, but in reality, they are a legitimate tactic that can easily prove successful. Even though these lists are not overly expensive, avoid going too cheap. The tactic is only worth it if your leads are quality, and these leads only come from providers with successful track records.

Ask for Customer Referrals

You only have to look towards your current customers for a great lead generation tool. Research shows that almost two-thirds of marketing executives tout word-of-mouth as the Number 1 marketing strategy out there. Friends trust each other, and even if you have to offer a discount to get clients to tell their friends, it is worth it.

Help Video Kill the Radio Star

You can get all types of new leads with live webinars. Get your most informed employee to lead the “class” and make sure to get the word out early. Keep in mind, though, that webinars are not ideal for every small business.

One would wonder, for instance, why lots of people would sign on for a webinar hosted by a bait-and-tackle shop. Luckily, companies that do not mesh with live webinars could instead offer online instructional videos.

Always provide a call to action, or better yet, a sign-up form, when drawing in new customers with these videos. The video is a key part of content marketing, and since content marketing decreases the cost of leads by 13%, it is simply not smart to pass up this opportunity.

Not all amazing marketing strategies cost an arm and a leg. Simply combine these lead generation strategies with other low-cost marketing tips, and you can watch your marketing budget go further.